An effective website requires a clear understanding of goals, comprehensive planning, and razor-sharp execution. LM Consulting & Design focuses on the big picture and helps you map a strategy to achieve your website goals. Our consulting strategies include goal setting, target audience definition, marketing strategies, usability testing, copy writing, and search engine optimization. For sites that have not yet been built or are ready to undergo a transformation, we offer an accurate study of your past and present then implement the most desirable and profitable future for you. Design is the first thing your customer will see when they visit your website. Ease of navigation will keep them on your site and it's up to you to provide content which will make them repeat customers. Therefore, we design creative, original sites which maintain professional standards and deliver your content in an easy to navigate, eye-catching format which lends itself to intuitive use time and time again. Come on in and take a look at the sites we have developed and some of the graphics and logos we have created for them. I'm sure we can find a plan to fit your needs. Just tell us your plans and we will do our best to do the rest to make your internet venture a pleasant and profitable one.

We also offer photographic services as a part of our business. With each website we develop, there is a necessity for a combination of photos and CGI (computer generated images) required in order to personalize your website, display your products and to get your point across to potential customers. All of the websites I have developed over the years have required high quality photographs. Just as our ability to implement proper, inteligent coding has grown in order to achieve clean, effective websites, the quality of photography on our sites has grown exponentially. I have been perfecting my audio/video and photographic skills since first obtaining a 35mm Nikon in the late `90's at which time I started to photograph ex-TOTO guitarist/singer Tony Spinner live onstage.

Our tools of the trade these days are the NIKON DSLR and Sony cameras which allow us to be competitive with anyone locally in the business but we do it for a lower price. Of course, pricing is important to us all and we reflect that importance with low prices and plenty of photos to choose from for your money. We shoot RAW images which offer the most post-production editing capabilities. We also use the state of the art software, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC for editing our photos and graphics. We also offer to shoot full 1080p HD video for anyone needing it. Whether it be capturing fast, tack-sharp action packed shots or portrait photography, we can supply you with a catalog of photos to fit your needs.

As well as taking photos for website usage, we are also available for documenting your wedding or taking your senior pictures. See how you can get professional grade photos for a price that's very affordable. We can provide you anything from traditional techniques to punchy post processing for those who like to have something personal and different from the run-of-the-mill photos you might get from another photographer.

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