Website Development Services

In order to purchase a website and have us maintain it for you, an average cost to you and the benefits you would receive for your costs would be based on five (5) things.

1. You must purchase a fully developed website for $400 or more.

2. You must pay a $8 monthly webhosting fee.

3. You have pay $11 yearly URL fee which is your digital address on the web. You must also pay us a $50 monthly maintanence fee to ensure optimum search engine placement, no dead links, updated text, photos or videos and any future changes to the look of the site other than total redesign.

4. Plus, as an incentive to new customers, we offer free, personalized, multimedia graphic design as a bonus plus free social media promotion on a daily basis when possible, all for free. We include these valuable services for no charge as a token of our appreciation.

5. Unless a payment agreement is set in place beforehand, the initial charge to you would be $821.00 for an $800 website including your server and URL fees of $10 monthly and $11 yearly after that. We have been asked by some customers to simplify our prices based on an average purchase. if you have any questions please, email us at

Full Service Sites - For a payment of $50 per month for website maintenance, we will take care of your website for you. Daily website updates, if needed, are included in this price along with normal maintenance. We will make sure your newsletter, guestbook, blog or messageboard stays updated as well as keep your URL at the top of the search engines. Plus, No Broken Links!

Self Service Sites - We design, develop and publish your website, register your domain and arrange the best web hosting for you but you take care of updates and everything else from then on.

Web Development - From basic homepages, to e-commerce business sites we create the web presence that best fits your needs. Let us develop your website for you! We will then step back and let you do the rest.

Not Sure What You Want? - Feel free to email us, text us or call us to ask any questions and find out our prices on exactly what you need. We will even help you figure out exactly what it is that you do need. We will get an estimate together and tailor-fit your website to not only your desired results but also to your pocketbook! We promise. Just ask and find out.

Web Hosting - We will take care of obtaining (all costs are paid by you) your web hosting services in even our lowest priced website package. We use Mediaserve, a Web Hosting company with options for all of our clients. They are a great, dependable company in Castalian Springs, TN with excellent customer service and loads of software that are included in even the basic web hosting packages. Prices for 25gb of storage space and 250gb of bandwidth start at $10.00 per month with larger more complex packages and secured sites available upon request.

Domain Registration - We'll take care of registering your domain name for you! Domain names rentals are priced from as low as $11.00 per year for a basic domain name which is usually all you need.

For only $10.00 a month - We can assure you the following high quality, state of the art servers with all these features. Unlimited Hosted Domains, 25 GB Raid Storage, 250 GB Premium Traffic, Enterprise Server Hardware, cPanel 11.32 Powered Apache 2.2 Web Server, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, No Inodes Limit, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Email Forwarders, Highly accurate spam filtering, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited Subdomains, Unlimited Parked Domains, Unlimited Addon Domains, Softaculous Script Installer, Daily and Weekly Offsite Backups, PHP 5.3, Ruby, Perl and CGI Script & Unlimited MySQL 5.5 Databases.

Search Engine Optimization - We optimize search engine placement by carefully manipulating relevant search terms, meta tags and content to achieve the best results possible on Google, Yahoo and MSN searches.

E-Commerce/Shopping Carts - In addition to setting up PayPal, we can help you get started with a regular merchant account and shopping cart. Carts and related software available at varying price points.

Examples of Website Designs

The "
Basic Site" option is for individuals who need a small business or personal website that requires a minimum or beginning presence on the Internet. These sites do not look cheap! They just don't include many bells & whistles that larger businesses want.


Basic Site:


From 8-15 Hours Web Development Time

2 to 5 Pages depending on format

2 to 5 Graphics

Logo Design

Web Statistics included

Choice of Blog (interactive) or Static (common) Website

Submission to Major Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

Website Maintenance not included in this package but is sold on a per-call basis.

Starting from $800.



The "Pro Site" affords any size business the opportunity to take full advantage of what the internet has to offer regarding sales, tactics, marketing and brand identification and growth. It is a great choice for aLMost all instances.


Pro Site:


From 15-30 Hours Web Development Time

5-10 Pages depending on format

5-10 Graphics

Logo Design

Order Forms

Contact Form

Web Statistics

Photo Galleries

Standard Website Plus an optional Blog

Submission to Major Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

Daily Site Maintenance Included

Starting from $1500.

The "Advanced Pro Site" takes full advantage of the internet's appeal and can be utilized by either an individual or any size business requiring all the web has to offer. Along with a unique website with multimedia graphics and explanations of products and services, you get flash animations, auto responders, chat rooms, guestbooks, podcasting, bulletin boards, blogs as well as a host of other CGI and Java based applications.


Advanced Pro Site:


From 30-48 Hours Web Development Time

5 - 10 Pages depending on format

Up to 200 Graphics

Logo Design

Order Form *

Contact Form *

Blog *

Guestbook *

Podcasting *


Bulletin Boards *

Chat Rooms *

Photo Galleries *

Flash Animations *

Auto Responders *

Advanced Web Statistics

Submission to Major Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

Daily Site Maintenance Included

 * - Optional services if requested

included in initial cost of $2000.



Purchase Services Separately


Basic Website Development $800

Up to 5 (five) pages. Your basic site design includes laying out the way your site will look and making sure it is easy to navigate. This ensures that your pages will remain consistent throughout your website. This includes the cost of your website as well as all expenses required to publish a working website other than those charges required by the web hosting company and the cost of a domain name. Maintenance is not included in this price point.


Extra Static Page $75

Each additional page to your website is written individually with special concentration on coding each page for best possible search engine placement.


Basic graphics $50 each

Basic graphics can include creating banners, images, buttons and Photoshopping photos. 


Advanced graphics $75 - $150 each

Includes animated graphics and flash graphic designs. From mouseover effects to full flash.


Flash Animations from $175

Make your site come alive with moving, interactive pages and artwork.


Forms $50

Forms are simply web pages that contain a JavaScript that connects to a program on the web server and are used for things such as contacting you, requesting information, pricing, submitting user information, etc.


Website Maintenance $20 per call

Includes updating photos, information and regular maintenance for customers who don't purchase a package which includes maintenance. Minor site design changes are included in this category and any maintenance of any kind will be charged for after final payment for web development has been received.


Auto Responders $10

Let visitors request instant information emailed to them as well as get an instant, friendly response to any submitted information.


Data Entry $35 per page if you need data or text entry on your site, we will be happy to do it for you.


PayPal Integration $75 to set up an account and $25 per ads which generate sales with PayPal.

Business Services

Web Consulting

We see the big picture and we can fit you into the correct spot to reach the most people who fit your desired demographics. We can even help you to establish what your demographics should be if you need it. An effective website requires a clear understanding of your goals, comprehensive planning, and razor sharp execution. LM Consulting & Design focuses on the big picture and helps you map a strategy to achieve your web site goals. Our consulting includes goal setting, target audience definition, marketing strategies, usability testing, copywriting, and search engine optimization. For sites that have not yet been built or are ready to undergo a transformation, we offer an accurate study of your past and present then implement the desirable future for you.

Site Analysis and Usability Reports

Our most popular service for existing sites is the Site Analysis Report. Our comprehensive study will identify issues and will afford opportunities in your website including:

                                    Search Engine Optimization Usability Problems
                                    Marketing Strategy Sizing Up Competition

Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization is in high demand these days. We can get your site high rankings without using techniques that could get your site banned from the search engines or penalized. We stay up-to-date with industry changes to stay on top of the ever-changing world of search engines.

Business Startup - We'll help you start your own business based on your hobbies and interests! Business Startup Plans start at $2500 and include consultation, a basic site design with e-commerce, logo, domain registration, web hosting, and search engine optimization.

Microsoft Excel Programming - Need some spreadsheets for your business? We do custom programming in Excel for any needs you might have. We can design just about any spreadsheet you might ever need for your business.

Computer Assistance via Phone - Need help with a computer or Internet problem? Call us! We'll spend as much time as is needed reviewing your problem and then you will have the option to proceed. We charge $25 per hour of support. Whether you need help setting up an Internet connection, troubleshooting a computer problem, or some assistance with software, we can help!

Logo Design - Our logo design services start at $150. However, free logo design is included with every premium web development package!

PayPal Setup - Need a PayPal account set up but don't know where to start? We'll take care of it! We'll set up your account for only $75 and $25 per 5 products you want to sell.

Photography Services

We have recently started offering our photographic services as a part of our business. With each website we develop, there are always need for a combination of photos and CGI (computer generated images) which are required in order to personalize your website, display any of your products and to generally get your point across. Most of the websites I have developed over the years have required several photos and for some, hundreds of photos. As a result of persuing an increasingly better quality of photography and with lots of practice both at home and abroad, just as the coding that is needed in order to have a clean, effective site, the quality of photography on our sites has grown and our ability to capture the moment has grown along with it. I have been taking and using my own photographs for the web and for friends and family since. I have been perfecting my skills since first obtaining a 35mm Nikon in the late `90's when I first started using it to photograph ex-TOTO guitarist/singer Tony Spinner live onstage.

Our tools of the trade nowadays are the NIKON DSLR and Sony cameras which allow us to be competitive with anyone locally in the business, within the same price range. Of course, pricing is important to us all and we reflect that importance with low prices and no shortage of product. We shoot RAW images which offer the most post-production editing capabilities. We also use the state of the art software, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC for editing our photos and graphics.We also offer to shoot 1080p HD video for anyone needing it. Hire us for your wedding or senior pictures today and see how you can get professional grade photos for a price that's affordable. We can provide you anything from traditional techniques to punchy post processing for those who like to have something personal and different from the run-of-the-mill photos you might get from another photographer. Call or email us today for a price quote. You won't be dissapointed!



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